My Journey with Skin + Me

Happy weekend folks! Today I thought I would take about my journey with Skin + Me. I was seeing them advertised on Instagram non stop, and I was in a pretty bad place with my skin where not a single product was making a difference. I had tried what felt like everything, including prescription grade skin care provided by my GP. My skin is quite sensitive to a lot of ingredients, and 9 times out of 10 my skin would get too dry to cope with. My skin would get tight and sore, flaking and start to crack with any kind of consistent use of any acne products. Hopefully you can see in the right hand photo above, how red and angry my skin was! Anyways, after seeing a million adverts, I decided to give Skin + Me a go as they had a trial of your first month for £2.50. I’m really glad I decided to try them out as my skin has come such a long way in the space of 5 months.

You get what is called a ’daily doser’ delivered once a month for £24, this is after submitting images of your skin and answering a questionnaire. A doctor reviews your information and then creates a personalised plan for your skin. My dosers have contained varying ingredients such as clindamycin, azelaic acid and tretinoin. Tretinoin is a retinoid, which I think is probably the biggest contributor to my skin improvement. Retinoids are known for reducing acne, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin brightness. I’m not a scientist but I can definitely see all of the improvements in my skin. I still get the odd blemish but my skin is much more manageable and much less painful. I had a lot of dryness in the beginning of this journey, which is normal while your skin gets used to the ingredients, it was nothing that was unmanageable which pleasantly surprised me.

The guidance is to apply this every night to clean dry skin, and then after 10 minutes you are to apply your moisturiser. However, as my skin is quite dry and I was worried, I emailed my prescriber (another great thing you can do if you have questions or side affects) and they suggested I apply my doeser after moisturiser. So my current evening routine is to cleanse my skin and remove my makeup as normal, then I apply a hyaluronic acid, followed by my moisturiser and eye cream with my doser applied last. This really works for me and I dont have any issues with dryness now which is great!

I also tried the cleanser and moisturiser from Skin + Me, but sadly I am not a huge fan. The cleanser leaves a film on my skin and I dont find the moisturiser hydrating enough to use along side the doser. However I really enjoy using the doser, the twist up packaging means you get the perfect amount of product to use every day, and its small size makes it very easy to travel with.

Overall I really enjoy using Skin + Me and I am happy I have finally found a skincare solution that works for my acne. I love how easy it is to speak to someone when you need to and I love the convenience of the product and how personalised it is.

This post is not sponsored and all products have been purchased with my own money, however should you want to try Skin + Me for yourself I do have a referral link that will give us both discount if you sign up. Click here if you wish.

Have you heard of this brand or do you have a skincare solution that works for you?

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