My Recent Fenty Beauty Obsession

Happy Sunday everyone! Today i thought I would share my love for Fenty, a brand that has grown really quickly and has appeared to take the beauty world by storm. Since taking these photos I have already added further to my collection, and I will share those bits on Instagram soon!

My first purchase was the Kilowatt highlighter duo in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal, and I consistently reach for this on a regular basis. It has a beautiful soft and buttery consistency that blends so beautifully into the skin. I personally love to blend the two shades together for a super glowy look, but they are both beautiful on their own. One side is a little more shimmery while the other is more shiny, and I cant get enough of the colours combined.

Fentys cream products are also a dream to work with, I use the Freestyle cream bronzer almost daily to warm up my complexion. I have the shade Amber which works wonders on my pale skin but if I have fake tanned it becomes the perfect contour shade. Similar to the cream blush it is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. The formula is super blend-able but doesn’t blend into nothing like I have experienced with cream products from other brands.

The Cheeks Out Cream Blush in Petal Poppin has been in my makeup bag for a long time, simply because the packaging is so tiny, making it very easy to travel with these! This colour is a beautiful coral pink which is perfect for the spring and summer months, however if you are anything like me I will wear this all year round! The formula is very similar to the cream bronzer but the blush is a little more dewy in appearance once applied. I personally love these cream formulas as they last all day on my skin.

When it comes to celebrities doing skincare, I think we all have opinions! However I took a leap of faith to try a kit that had some travel sizes in it to see what all the hype was about. I actually really like the Total Cleans’R. This is the product I expected to like least but I was pleasantly surprised. It foams up really well without feeling drying or stripping on the skin. It works quite well to remove makeup and excellently as a second step for a double cleanse. I have a few cleansers open at the moment but once they are done I will definitely repurchase!

The Fat Water I am undecided on, mostly because I have a horrible habit of forgetting to use toners.. so I will report back on that one! It makes some bold claims about reducing pore size and being a serum hybrid so I really need to remember to use it!

Lastly is the Hydra Vizor Moisturiser which is aimed to be a sun cream 2-in-1, it has a nice light scent and melts into the skin super quickly and sits really well under makeup. When first applied it feels like there is a thick layer over your skin but after a few minutes it melts down and leaves a hydrated and dewy base. I’ve used the entire trial size bottle, which has taken around a month, and although I cant see any changes in the pore size or pigmentation like it claims, it has prevented me from getting sunburn and doesn’t flashback in photos. I really like this for an everyday and I think I’ll pick up a full size to fully try it out.

Have you tried anything from Fenty?

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